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C4d73dbe2b5c26dfb43a55cd2fc938ec Fc Barcelona LassaOrlen Wisla PlockVelux Ehf Champions League

Overview match FC Barcelona Lassa – Orlen Wisla Plock

When we talk about VELUX EHF Champions League matches we expect tough games and it was exactly what became of last Saturday (17/02/2018) between FC Barcelona Lassa and Orlen Wisla Plock on the round 12 of the group phase. Playing in Barcelona with an amazing atmosphere, the Spaniards beat the Poles by the difference of 1 goal 28:27(14:15). However, why that happened? Efficient attacks, strong defenses, Featured players? Let’s discuss about it.
Por: Vitor Baricelli & Arthur Pellegrini | 20/02/2018 a las 14:39