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Liga Sacyr Asobal

Young Goalkeepers are now a fact at the Liga Asobal

In a few years, goalkeepers at the Liga Bauhaus Asobal have become younger, both because of the crisis or the great quality of young goalkeepers who make the grade and save their teams fixture after fixture. There are still some distinguished name

Por: Martí Ruiz | 07/05/2017 a las 12:28
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Of this group of young goalkeepers, we can highlight Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (24): international with Spain and F.C. Barcelona Lassa player, Rangel Luan Da Rosa(19): BM Villa de Aranda player and international with Brazil, Eduardo Jose Salazar Heigl (23): Frigoríficos Cangas Morrazo player and international with Venezuela, Sergey Hernández Ferrer (21): goalkeeper of Russian nationality and one of the surprises of the league, Pablo Chantada: BM Benidorm player and international with Spain in youth categories and Pol Sastre: Fraikin BM Granollers goalkeeper from the club’s youth teams. There are also goalkeeper pairs to stand out, specially Abanca Ademar’s, with Vladimir Cupara (21) and Nacho Biosca (20), who form a great goalkeeper duo.

The youngest goalkeeper of the above mentioned is Rangel Luan Da Rosa, who, being only 19 and having come this year from Handebol Sao Caetano (Brazil), is surprising all and sundry with his fantastic performances at BM Villa de Aranda.

The goalkeeper with the best saving rate is Daniel Arguillas Álvarez (23) with 75/197 saves and a rate of 38.07% success, followed by Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas with 142/386 and 36.79% saves and, closing the podium, Vladimir Cupara with 34.7% shots saved.

But we can’t forget BM Villa de Aranda’s young goalkeeper. Luis Lucía has only played 2 matches, but his insulting youth attracts attention, he is only 18.

Some of them are internationals, others are rising stars. These are the names of the Liga Bauhaus Asobal’s young goalkeepers:

Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (24), Pol Sastre Rodríguez (24), Sergey Hernández Ferrer (20), Eduardo José Salazar Heigl (22), Pablo Chantada Alonso (21), Vladimir Cupara (21), Ignacio Biosca Garcia (20), Rangel Luan Da Rosa (19), Daniel Arguillas Álvarez (23), Carlos Barbero Cheli (23), Álvaro Fernández Arciniega (24), Ibrahim Moral Criado (21), Samuel Ibáñez Juan (22), Andrés Delgado Malagón (24).

(Original text by Miquel Gonzalez)