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Internacional | Writing the game

Writing the game

Take the resin, let the ball roll and let´s write the game

Por: Vitor Baricelli & Arthur Pellegrini | 13/03/2018 a las 20:40
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“La gente admira a los jugadores que saben leer el partido, pero a mi me gustan mucho más los jugadores que lo escriben”. That was what Manolo Laguna once wrote and it is something that I’ve been following during my “handball life”. Players should not only read the game, but also write the game, make things happen, act more than reacting. By the way, for me, coaches should do the same - see the game as a board game so they should be one-step forward from the opponents, in other words, follow their match plan since their ideas must guide the match.

I had this conversation with a good friend once and we talked about Jordi Ribeira’s Blog, a Spanish national coach, and that he discussed ideas and exercises during that time he was in the car on the road while admiring the incredible scenery. I asked myself why not write as well? Bring together two things that I like, the writing and the handball. I have heard a lot that people don‘t share information, and the knowledge production does not have the ideal quantity and quality, so, why not try?  

Apropos, you readers should be thinking, “OK. But who are you?” This question has already became habitual , Nowadays you have to be someone already well known in order to start something up, but I don’t think like that. I’m a young Brazilian handball coach who had an experience in Germany last year coaching kids and studying in the German Sport University of Cologne, with a level B coach on the German license. I’ve been in touch with Handball since I was seven years old as a player, and faster than lightning this game became my life.

Lastly, when writing here I want to share some ideas, bring information about handball and provoke discussions. I’m open to questions and suggestions, the idea is to become a better coach, grow as a professional and human being. So, take the resin, let the ball roll and let´s write the game, shall we?