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Two German-born to referee the EHF Champions League Final

Referees from Macedonia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Germany are set to whistle the final stage of the most important competition of the year, Velux EHF Final 4.

Por: Martí Ruiz | 02/06/2017 a las 06:44
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Every detail counts in a Final 4. The top scorer, goalkeepers, coaches and teams are to be taken into account. But also, there is a will of delving into the referees. Probably, the most risky figure in 40x20 in a competition like this.

The first semifinal between Telekom Veszprém and PSG Handball is to be refereed by Macedonians Slave Nikolov and Gjorgji Nachevski. This couple refereed Orlen Wisla Plock - PSG Handball which ended with a French win (30-33) and Telekom Veszprém - THW Kiel, which ended 31-28. The Czechs Vaclav Horacek and Jiri Novotny will be the officials of the other semifinal. The match for the third place will be refereed by the Croatians Matija Gubica and Boris Milosevic. 

The Germans, who will referee the final, were the officials of the second leg of the quarterfinals match between Montpellier HB and Telekom Veszprém last April. In that match, the French side was eliminated 25-30 at home. Geipel and Helbig are the only referees named for the Final 4 to have refereed a match in this edition’s quarterfinals.

This are the refereeing appointments for the Velux EHF Champions League:

First semifinal:

 Slave Nikolov (MKD)   Gjorgji Nachevski (MKD) 

Second semifinal:

 Vaclav Horacek (CZE)   Jiri Novotny (CZE) 

Match for 3rd place:

 Matija Gubica (CRO)   Boris Milosevic (CRO) 


 Lars Geipel (GER)   Marcus Helbig (GER)